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First Light Program Information

Please contact our admissions team at 762-303-4802 or by email at

The length of our program is dependent on the needs of the student and family. Families should expect students to be enrolled at FLW for 12-15 weeks. The First Light Wilderness daily rate and enrollment fee include the following:

Admission and Enrollment

Our admissions and clinical teams assess students based on reviews of applications, evaluations, testing, phone calls with family, student (if beneficial), and other professionals. Two FLW team members will support your student’s enrollment creating an emotionally and physically safe environment.

High Performance Gear and Healthy Meals

You’ll notice that the packing list is short. This is because we fully outfit our students with top of the line outdoor gear from head to foot. We provide our students with a healthy diet that is reviewed seasonally by a dietician. We also ensure that our menu includes ample fresh fruits and vegetables.

Individual and Group Therapy

Access to a lead therapist several days per week. Our students receive several individual therapy sessions per week, as well as multiple group therapy sessions. Family therapy is provided through letters, phone calls, and in person.

Individualized Treatment and Assessment

Each student receives a comprehensive individualized treatment plan that addresses specific treatment areas. These include short and long-term objectives and are reviewed weekly in order to support on-going growth and progress.

Adventure Education

First Light Wilderness may incorporate activities such as kayaking, canoeing, rafting, fishing, harnessed tree and rock climbing, equine therapy, slack-lining and more. Students also experience backpacking trips, solo experiences, and learning many wilderness skills from our professional field instructors.

Continuing Care and Clinical Recommendations

We provide ongoing collaboration with parents, educational consultants, home therapists, schools, residential programs, therapeutic boarding schools, and other professionals to support a healthy transition and appropriate placement post First Light Wilderness.

Payment & Financing


At least a 30-day initial payment plus our enrollment fee must be received prior to enrollment. First Light Wilderness cannot accept insurance payments nor do we bill insurance companies. However, we will help families seek reimbursement after discharge.


First Light Wilderness strives to make our program affordable for families; therefore, a limited number of scholarships are available to those who qualify. We will do what we can to meet your family’s financial needs. Ask your admissions counselor about the scholarship application and its current availability.


First Light Wilderness cannot accept insurance payments nor do we bill insurance companies. However, we will help families seek reimbursement after discharge. Please speak with your admissions counselor for assistance.

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